Blyton Park

Blyton Park Driving Centre is located approximately five miles North of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. Like many race tracks used for track days in this country, it started life as an RAF base in 1942, with three concrete runways and a large range of hangers, bomb stores and accommodation buildings. It closed in 1954.

Blyton Park is one of our newest track day venues, opening for business in March 2011, with a new 1.5 mile tarmac circuit featuring a wide variety of corners, using a circuit design that ensures that there is ample tarmac run-off and as few solid barriers as possible. In March 2012, a new length of track was added to the circuit, allowing track days to be held on three different circuits: the inner circuit, the outer circuit and the eastern circuit. Typically, at MoT Trackdays, we use either the Eastern Circuit or the Outer Circuit for our track days, and on occasion we use both. Click Track Days for details.

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A popular Track Day venue

Blyton Park is one of our most popular track day venues. Off the track it offers an excellent range of facilities, including: toilets, showers and a new amenities building with briefing rooms, kitchen facility and wi-fi.

On track, the track day community enjoy the circuit’s combination of a challenging, technical track allied to the safety that largely tarmac run-off areas and a lack of kerbs ensures.

Blyton Park appeals to drivers of all sorts of cars. To see what track days we have available, click here to make your booking or contact us if you have any questions.