Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch is an internationally renowned and iconic racing circuit, located near Swanley in Kent. Perhaps most well known for hosting the British Formula One Grand Prix 12 times between 1964 and 1986, it continues to hold many British and International motor racing events.

Originally used from the 1920s by motorcyclists, it was used as a military vehicle park during World War 2 and was bombed many times. In 1950 the owners invested in a tarmac surface and Brands Hatch became the first purpose built post-war motor racing circuit in England.

A superb venue for Track Days

Brands Hatch is situated in a natural amphitheatre offering unrivalled views of the action from various vantage points, and is known as Britain's best loved motor racing circuit.

There are two circuits at Brands Hatch, the 2.4 mile Grand Prix Circuit, and the 1.2 mile Indy Circuit, which is the one that we use for our track days. Known for its combination of dips, cambers, fearsome corners and hills, it is a challenging and stimulating circuit for any driver.

The full grand prix circuit has seen many famous races, not least Nigel Mansell’s first grand prix victory in 1985, and with the Indy Circuit featuring Brabham Straight, Druids and Clark Curve, if you book your track day at Brands Hatch you’ll certainly be inspired by its wonderful heritage.

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